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Thousands of people in one place, all intent on an amazing time. Most of you understand this means a bit of give and take and common sense, but here's what we're obliged to write down:

No mini scooters or scooters on the site: you can have a wristband OR one of these, not both.

Cooking, keeping warm, getting mellow: sorry, but candles, barbies and other open fires don't mix with so many, erm, relaxed people. Gas bottles are fine, but here's the thing (sorry for shouting): DON'T CHANGE GAS CYLINDERS INSIDE YOUR TENT OR VEHICLE! Camping gas injures more people on UK campsites than anything else.

If you smoke in your tent it's at your own risk; we advise you not to.

There are loads of bins for your rubbish. Not using them will encourage the skyrats (seagulls) to descend in numbers. Nasty.

Drive like the site's a pedestrian precinct, not a road. Five miles an hour is tops, and it's one way. (Worst comes to the worst and the weather turns ugly, driving on the fields might be dangerous-going-on-impossible, in which case, you might have to walk to your tent.)

However much of a laugh you might think non-stop water-pistol use in Newquay might be, we're bound to say 1. it really isn't, and future events are actually threatened by all this; and so 2. don't bring, buy or use them. (If you do, we'll pinch them and give them to charity, sorry...)

ALL illegal substances are a 100% no-no onsite. Security guards will carry out searches at all arenas and entrances. Anyone caught dealing at RttS will be in it up to their necks.

No bottles or cans at any of the entertainment venues, sorry.

No fireworks, smoke canisters, firecrackers or flares. If we think you're bringing this kind of stuff in, you mightn't be able to come in at all.

Only official traders get to trade at RttS.